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A Love Note - Meet the Founder

I'm a finance bro. I work 9-5 on a trading desk at a hedge fund in New York City and built my entire career in this powerful industry, but then...I discovered a greater power. The power of makeup and let me tell you about this power. 

Makeup makes me feel calm.

I have a million things running through my head at all times. Real things to worry about - commitments and deadlines. Then there's the things that aren't real. Tricks your own head plays and then the anti-tricks to keep a tight lid on all these demons - anxiety, fear, doubt. Simply put, my mind is my greatest enemy.

When I sit down to create a makeup look, all the voices fade leaving just one. My own authentic voice. The only one that should matter at all times. I pick up a brush, the world outside gets quiet, and I emerge.

It's in these creative sessions that instead of keeping my demons locked away, they come out and sit down for coffee. When I create this art, everyone plays nicely together. I am once again whole. I am at peace.

This is makeup to me.
It's color therapy and what better canvas than on myself. 
The creative process is just that. It's a process. The image of what I want to create is a little fuzzy at first, but my steps are certain and comes from an unknown source of faith that it'll materialize. I work at it bit by bit and the path forward becomes very clear. The minutes turn into hours found (not lost). The world is just me and it's quiet and focused. It provides a clarity on who I truly am at my highest self.

I created these products to be a new age clean and clear - clean beauty to honor your body and a clear path back to yourself.
It may be just beauty products to some, but it is a tool to lovingly remind ourselves that we are masters of the world within us.

"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen." - Rumi


Special Effects Makeup